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Divorce or Separation Means House Moves

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Wed 15 Jan 2020

Divorce or Separation Means House Moves

After the fun and festivities of Christmas it is inevitable that our normal routine will come round all too soon once the New Year has been toasted.  For some the festive period can be stressful as relationship issues can be easily magnified when we spend a chunk of down time with close family.  Following a period of close proximity with our nearest and dearest things can deteriorate and buried issues come to the surface.  This can and does lead to deciding on a clean sweep due to the mindset of a “new year, new life”.  This explains why Divorce Day is considered to be the first Monday following 1 January.  In 2020 #DivorceDay fell on 6 January.

Moving Forward Once Divorce or Separation is Looming

Having reached this painful conclusion, significant and practical decisions must be dealt with.  If your relationship or marriage has reached this point, and separation or divorce is on the agenda, then everyone involved needs to know where they stand to move forward positively.  It would, of course, be great if things could be sorted quickly with the minimum of fuss.  However, emotionally charged family break ups can be a time consuming process which moves in anything but a straight line in a bid to meet the needs of all involved.  To ensure stress is kept to a minimum it is so important to choose the right legal representative to support the family through the legal process.  If at all possible a single solicitor for both sides will help ensure costs and emotional damage are minimal.  Sadly, for less amicable situations it is necessary to have two separate solicitors; one representing each party in any discussions.  Two separate solicitors ensures rising costs and the potential for a lengthy and longer drawn out process with endless stress attached.

Whether the break is amicable or not, separating the family home and personal effects is all part of the moving on process.  Decisions must be made taking into account a number of factors including:

1.     capital and monthly income available to both parties following the separation.
2.     is buying a home a viable option or renting?
3.     is there a property to sell first?
4.     will one party stay in the current home and the other move out?
5.     children’s school arrangements and location.
6.     is there joint custody for the children or just one parent/carer with custody (this could impact on the proximity of the two homes to one another).

Use the Right Sales or Lettings Agent for Your House Search

To help sort out housing arrangements there will probably be a need to work with a sales or lettings agent along the way.  Time available for property searches may be limited due to childcare, work commitments and temporary living arrangements that may have already been put in place.  This means it is critical to find the right agent to support the rehousing process.  Sheridan Sales & Lettings are experienced at helping real families make such transitions and believe that the ability to listen to what is needed will help make a difficult time a little smoother.  If you would like to learn how we can help with your home transition please do give us a call on 01366 858228 or email us on