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Thu 06 Feb 2020

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Some free spirits can just make their home wherever they happen to be.  “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home!” can often be their mantra.  For most of us our home is very much our castle.  It is the heartbeat of our family, where memories are made through the years. It is where we lay down our roots to build the new generation and welcome grandchildren for visits.  As such we all have individual ideas about how our home should look and feel.

Moving In

The excitement of moving in to your first home is like no other experience you will ever have.  Whether you are renting or buying your home it is still your special place.  Your retreat from the world at large.  Your personal refuge.  The furniture will be the best you can manage on the budget available.  To begin with it may not be exactly ideal as money can be tight.  Over time you will replace, upgrade and update pieces as the opportunity allows. 

Settling into Your New Home

To help with settling in to a new home us human beings love to personalise.  This probably goes back to time immemorial – we just have to mark out our territory and put our own personal stamp on it to register “this is ours” and to make it feel like home. The finishing touches will therefore be in your own unique style.  Pictures, art pieces, books, mirrors ….  the options available to choose from are incalculable. Together they make home feel like home to you.

It is possible that such items are given to you by family and friends but sometimes we get to choose brand new items straight from the shop. It does not matter how these are acquired as we will only include what we feel resonates with us and what will add that something special to our home.

Soon it all comes together and the family can get on with living life from their new home base.

DIY or Get the Tradesmen and Builders In?

Once the stresses of the actual move wear off, we tend to look at each room and decide what changes we would like to make.  What is possible will depend on whether we own or rent our home.

If we own the property, there will most likely be lots of excited discussions, planning and consultations to include relevant skilled tradesmen.  Quotes will be requested, options considered and eliminated.  Finally a plan and schedule will be made based on the desired changes required to develop the dream home. 

In the UK we are fond of  DIY projects.  Some people do this out of simple necessity due to tight budgets.  Others do the building and renovation works themselves out of choice because they enjoy the project.  Whether it is the DIY route or whether budgets allow for bringing in the builders then a work schedule has to be planned and budgeted for.  Both options are aimed at paving the way to the ultimate finished dream home. The one with the perfect kitchen, bathroom, patio, décor and garden.


As the years go by the home collects more and more things as life evolves and changes: prams, baby bouncers, BMX bikes, fishing tackle, skateboards …. you name it most of us have had it come through our homes.  As life is so busy, we never seem to get around to disposing of unwanted items as they become redundant.  Instead we fill the garage, shed and loft spaces until eventually we have to declutter.  Decluttering allows us to reclaim our treasured home and to relive memories of the history built up within our own special place.

These are just some aspects to living life in your own home.  How amazing is the cycle of a family home?  Sheridan Sales & Lettings love helping young and growing families to find their dream home so that they can build their own history. 

Whether you are starting out on your family life together or whether you are upgrading to allow for an expanding family we can help you find the right home to own or rent.  We will listen carefully to your needs before advising you so if you would like to learn more please do give us a call on 01366 858228 or email us on