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Professional Agents Trumps Upfront Fees to Sell Your House

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Sat 16 Feb 2019

Professional Agents Trumps Upfront Fees to Sell Your House

Nobody likes to feel as if they have had a bad deal so paying out hard earned cash and getting nothing in return would really upset most people if they are honest about it.  So why do so many people buy in to the cheap upfront fee option when it comes to selling their house?  This is an interesting question especially when you lose your leverage as a customer as soon as you part with your money.  Think about it  – you learn you can sell your house for a fixed upfront fee and you will not have to pay anything extra no matter what. It sounds like a great deal doesn’t it?  Let’s look more closely at this concept.

A Box of Nothing is Nothing

No doubt this approach can work for some but for many it will end in tears.  Tears of frustration and tears of disappointment.  Most of us already know that if it seems too good to be true then it usually is.  When you have had your house on the market for a month, two months, three ….  You know how it goes …. the viewings are barely there and you are desperate to move.  Your new home is waiting for you but you cannot complete until you have sold your current home and it is just not coming together.  Perhaps you feel put upon ie when there is a viewing you often find you have to be there to show the prospective buyer around and with your busy work and personal life you just don’t have the time.  The stress is mounting and you do not know what to do.  You are worried you will lose your dream home that is so tantalisingly close yet not quite within reach.  Do you carry on waiting and hoping?  Who do you call to express your frustration?  Who will offer creative suggestions that will help you move closer to your goal?  What else is there?


We understand those frustrations all too well and see it time and time again.  Online agents such as Purple Bricks offer a compelling upfront price and if your property moves quickly you have had a bargain.  However, when the one size fits all approach fails to deliver a result the vendor has literally bought a box of nothing.  By paying upfront you are limited to a single agent who has no incentive to achieve a sale as they have already had their money in advance.  They have zero vested interest in promoting your property sale.  In addition, if you are lucky enough to achieve a sale there is nobody pushing it through to a successful conclusion so it can still all fall apart if it is not being managed.


If you would much rather have the benefit of years of property market experience and a helpful human being keeping in contact with you then do look twice at what seems like a good deal with upfront fees.

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Estate Agent

Estate agents come in all shapes and sizes and deciding who you want to work with needs some careful consideration.  Here are our top tips to help you make the right decision for you:

1.       Consider how and when you can contact your agent.  Will you get access to a real human being in the real world?  Is it just online or telephone access?

2.       Consider how good their customer service is likely to be.  Check out reviews.  

3.       Consider whether they will be creative about your sale if things are slow to happen.

4.       Consider how likely they are to work with your solicitor or conveyancer to drive the sale to a final completion date.  Ask yourself “will this agent chase solicitors, local Councils or anyone else that might cause a delay to my sale?” 

5.       Consider their commission rates for a successful sale – do they start as low as 0.5%?


Work With Award Winning Sheridan Sales and Lettings - You Have Nothing to Lose!

At Sheridan Sales and Lettings we work with our clients to achieve a successful outcome no matter what.  We offer as standard:

1.       Human contact in the real world.  You will get to talk to Sarah or Paul Sheridan on the phone, via email, social media and in person where needed.

2.       Good customer service.  In fact, Sheridan Sales and Lettings are 2018 Gold Award winners so our customer service and reputation is established.

3.       Hands on liaison with vendors to develop alternative approaches to help achieve a sale for no extra cost. 

4.       Hands on liaison with solicitors, conveyancers, local Councils and more to help oil the wheels of your sale.

5.       Competitive commission rates starting from 0.5% and if we do not make the sale then you pay nothing.  You therefore lose nothing by testing out our great service.

Above all never forget that you, the customer, are in control right up until you part with your hard earned cash.

If you would If you would like to see how we can help please do give us a call on 01366 858228 or email us on and we will be glad to help.